Happy Christmas!

More Christmas listening – poetry and music

Christmas CandleA happy and melodious Christmas to all our readers! As a follow up to last year’s entry on Christmas poetry (which you can read about in more detail on the Literary Connections Christmas page), I’ve just noticed that last December’s Woman’s Hour interview with Carol Ann Duffy about her Manchester Carols is still available on the BBC site. The Manchester Carols also feature in Aled Jones’s Radio 3 programme on Christmas Music for Choirs on 14 Dec 2008 at 19:00. Happy listening – and I hope you enjoy some singing of your own too!

One thought on “Happy Christmas!”

  1. Since this was written, Carol Ann Duffy’s poem Mrs Scrooge has appeared just in time for Christmas in the Guardian Review. Although on the lines of the poems in The World’s Wife, it’s longer than most of those and rather more mellow – appropriately for the season and the seasonal illustrations by Posy Simmons. It has, of course, a modern take on Dickens’ story; Mrs Scrooge ‘hated waste, consumerism… and would not spend one penny on a plastic bag’.

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