From Arab Spring to Zumba: it’s dictionary promotion time!

How far will Collins go to promote their new dictionary?

This Thursday’s Thought from Word of the Day asks: who’d be a mumpreneur; or, how far will Collins go to promote their latest dictionary? From Arab Spring to Zumba, apparently (taking in Boris bikes, casino banking and unfollow along the way), according to an article in today’s Guardian.

Serious wordsmiths (and pedants) have already begun to discuss the merits (and otherwise) of these (and other) neologisms in the comments on the article – an example of clicktivism, perhaps? One (R042) sagely comments:

Neologisms which aren’t euphonious or widely useful won’t become popular, but their existence is nothing to be worried about.

So whilst mumpreneur might fade, I fear casino banking will go on….