Primarily about computing: links to lively locations

This post is first for the lovely, lively children at St Luke’s School. We’re getting stuck into some computing with the Raspberry Pi computers we won for doing so well at the Hour of Code last year. But sometimes one of us (let’s be honest, usually one of the leaders) needs a little reminder or help.

So here are some great sites with short videos, helpful tips and even ready-to-roll software. Try them at school or at at home!

  • Adventures in Raspberry Pi: we have our own copy of this book so you can find out more in ICT Club. Take a look at the videos at the bottom of the page – they should give you plenty of ideas.
  • Scratch ideas – which will work on your netbook or laptop too:
  • Coder: uses the Pi as a web server (just like Google!) so you can connect and create your own pages.
  • Raspberry Pi site: for lots more Raspberry Pi ideas

Let’s make music!

Making web pages

Find out about those mysterious codes that make web page look good: