Raising a storm with ‘The Tempest’

Terrific production of ‘The Tempest’ from Baxter Theatre Centre and the Royal Shakespeare Company

If you haven’t already got your tickets to see The Tempest in the production from Baxter Theatre Centre and the Royal Shakespeare Company, I’d urge you to book now! We saw it at the RSC’s Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday and it’s terrific: Antony Sher, John Kani and a cast of South African actors, musicians and puppeteers. Starts with a bang and just gets better! As Lyn Gardner wrote in The Guardian: ‘Michael Billington has been raving about The Tempest, but don’t worry if you can’t get to Stratford because it’s heading out on tour.’ Read Michael Billington’s 5-star review here. It tours to Richmond, Leeds, Bath, Nottingham and Sheffield – find out more on the RSC site.

Brilliant – catch it if you can!

One thought on “Raising a storm with ‘The Tempest’”

  1. I saw this super Tempest today in Richmond – a terrific version of a great play, Antony Sher, John Kani and the rest of a talented South African cast bring great vitality to the play, but I didn’t expect to be moved to tears as I was as Caliban gained possession of his island at last. The colonial theme sits easily on this production but Shakespeare remains triumphant. What a play!

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