Migrating menus for Interner Explorer 6 users

Literary Connections menus in the wrong place for users of Internet Explorer 6

Apologies to visitors to Literary Connections who use Internet Explorer 6. I’ve just discovered that the left-hand menus appear at the very bottom of the page and not at the top, as they should. But I’ve also discovered how to cure the problem.

This quirk only came to light recently, when someone commented on it. I’ve always checked pages in the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE7) as well as Firefox and Opera. No doubt a professional would know that many visitors still use the older Microsoft versions, for all their flaws – and whilst this might seem a a good reason to update to Firefox, Opera or IE7, many people don’t have control over the software on the machine they use (perhaps in a school or library). Anyway, why should anyone change their software just for my site? (One good reason to update would be that the latest versions are more secure on all sites, of course.)

At least I hope that visitors agree that, even if the menus are wrong in your browser, the new design looks better than the old one: compare this current page with this old version. All this is thanks to the creator of Ruthsarian layouts, the generous site that provided the templates on which the new site design is based. Interestingly, the Ruthsarian site proclaims on its front page: ‘Internet Explorer sucks’ because of the way this browser fails to follow standards.

Thanks to the kind efforts of Mr Ruthsarian himself I’ve found the answer to the IE6 problem – but I haven’t been able to change more than a few pages so far. The rest will follow soon!

However, a newer version of Internet Explorer is on the way, so let’s hope it encourages IT folk to update their machines (and doesn’t introduce any new problems).